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Choose Green Energy, Choose Northwest Firewood

From the Stone Age to the present day, we have been using wood as fuel for cooking, a means of keeping warm in winter, and countless other ways. For businesses like BBQ restaurants, firewood is also essential to the day-to-day operations.

Hence, firewood is important to our lives so we should only get it from a reputable source. We at Northwest Firewood, in Marysville, Washington happen to be one of the industry’s leading providers of firewood products ideal for high heat levels.


Top-Quality Firewood Products Delivered in a Timely Manner

Specializing in year-round, mechanized firewood processing, our company manufactures a range of firewood products from different species of woods for customers all over the Greater Puget Sound region. With our fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver our products in a timely manner.

Browse our website to learn more about what we have to offer. If you want to ask questions about the products in our inventory or request a free quote, feel free to call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Product Price List

 Firewood Limited Sale DISCOUNT


Customer Pick Up Wood – $400 per cord firewood mix (cash only)

Customer pick up truck bed full $200 cash (.5cord)


Firewood Sale 

Green mix (Alder,Douglas Fir) – $350.00 cord (cut recently)

Green Alder hardwood cord - $440.00 (cut recently)

Seasoned Firewood -discount

  Alder/Maple Hardwood only – $520.00 ($580.00) cord (burns hotter, longer)

House Blend mix - $440.00 ($540.00) cord Dry Fir mix 

Dry season House Blend Fir/ Alder mix 1/2 cord - $360.00 

Delivery - Load/unload - fuel - processing is included in price Local areas

We do deliver to:  Snohomish, King, Skagit, are considered local delivery

Island county delivery ferry/fuel fee


* All Firewood orders come with 1 SureFire Bag*

Our wood is cut 14-16in. and split


SureFire Firestarters

 SureFire kit(24pc+waterproof matches) -$7.00

SureFire -1case (200pc) -$60.00

Wholesale Stores 

SureFire boxes (70 large bags) - $420.00

Firewood bundles (7pc+firestarter) -$6.00 Min. 50 bundles


Email to resell at your stores office

Dump Truck Load

Dump Truck Load Firewood - (3+cord split est.) -$1,350.00 (mix 50/50)

Dump Truck Log Load - $1,150.00 cash



*during busy season firewood delivery is 2-4 day *

*For any cancellations on delivery when truck is loaded. You will be charged a restock fee ($100) 


Surefire Firestarter

These are the best and easiest way to make fire in every situation.. You can order single bags or buy boxes to resell at your stores. 70 bags come in a box. Shipping, taxes are extra


Surest Way To Start A Fire

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